Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ways to donate

Our website has just been updated a bit. We now have a few ways folks can help us with production costs. Under the "donate" tab, supporters can purchase one of three package deals for varying amounts. Depending on which package you purchase, included in them are the first season soundtrack (this will be available after the conclusion of the first season) a spiffy Ragged Isle t-shirt with custom artwork on the front by co-writer and graphic designer Jacob Lear and also for the top donation bracket we'll also include the entire first season on DVD. Each of those packages also include a yet to be designed Ragged Isle button for your collection. If the packages are more than you can afford but would still like to throw in, there is also a button for whatever amount you can spare. A big thanks to any of you out there that can help. It's not cheap putting this project together and anything you donate will be going directly towards our production costs.

Lastly, there is a special auction we have put up on eBay for one small speaking role in the series. It's a one day commitment, with the majority of our wonderful cast on set that day, this promises to be a ton of fun! Don't be shy, this could be your chance at stardom. At the very least it will be a chance to say you worked with a group of amazingly talented Maine actors for a day. Come join us on the island!

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