Sunday, July 4, 2010

Islands That Have Causeways Hopping

Barry and I went to Mackworth Island today and found two very cool spots to film. There is the best tree ever there and we want it on Ragged Isle. I will secure permission to film there this week. After the walk we became very hungry and searched for something to eat. Everything was closed due to the holiday but our clever GPS lead us to a Subway in Yarmouth where I discovered the Subway Salad and my life changed forever. Why so tasty? We ate in a park that was okay but had to exit when a shirtless man began to leer at us. Don't know what was going on there... Cousins Island was a bust. No filming will be done there. Now I am reunited with my computer and we'll spend the evening together getting crap done. I chalk this up as a good day.

Tomorrow we are checking out Casco Bay Ferry Lines.. again, and the landing at Great Diamond to make sure this is the landing for us. We'll then bike around the island to see if we can find some locations and then if we do not find what we need we are going to bike Peaks. It should be fun. We've never been to Great Diamond before. Okay, this is long enough. I will tell wild tales tomorrow of our adventures on the islands.


  1. maybe we should be posting pictures to go with these adventures. i'll try to upload some tomorrow evening to coincide with your daily bloggings.
    all hail the subway salad! fast food of champions.

  2. Sounds good. I kind of suck at that but maybe you could show me how.