Monday, July 5, 2010

Heat, Peril, Ocean Voyage, and Adventure

This golf cart gave us possibilities perhaps. We are mulling this over.>> There's our ferry landing.

Heat - It was really hot today and I again burned through my SPF 50. Back to 70+ for me and from my field work I can tell you, these higher SPF's really do work better.

Peril - Bike riding in downtown Portland sans helmets. We are not built for this as we are easily distracted and frightened by cars. We braved this to get to the ferry for Great Diamond on time. Sometimes our discussions about Ragged Isle can also be perilous.

Ocean Voyage - As you probably have guessed we took a ferry to Great Diamond Island today and did a brief bit of biking. Too hot. The sea breeze was on vacation. It's a lovely place but not quite what we were looking for except for its kick ass ferry landing. That we will use . It's all tucked away from the sight of Portland, which is what we want and it's close. Also, we have permission so that is a plus. Also checked out the ferry and got some pretty good ideas and nearly plowed down about 50 tourists trying to get our bikes on and off the thing.

Adventure - Well, we had to bike in Portland again and then it was off to the Army / Navy Store. Do people still call it that? We were discussing that today. That was not at all helpful except to help us make the informed decision to look elsewhere. Grocery shopping was also completed and Subway was consumed... again. Now I am back in computer land with Windows 7 to help me but also hurt me and make
me yell stupid things and scare my cats.

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