Monday, August 26, 2013

Ragged Isle: The Early Years

Here at Ragged Isle, we know that the ever-present dread on the island, not to mention the constant threat of death, can be kind of a bummer, as is the realization that the end is near for our series.

With that in mind, a kindly soul (who wishes to remain anonymous) has proposed a prequel series about life on our quirky little island before everything went to heck.  Before the Department of Homeland Security.  Before the body count.  Before the unfortunate misadventure in the restricted zone.  Before all that, there was...


Episode 1: Louis helps newcomer Madame Clelia fend off the ghost of a vengeful Centurion. Sebastian takes 45 minutes to decide on a sandwich.

Episode 2: Someone is stealing pickles from the Ragged Isle store! Sheriff Dalton reeks of vinegar; denies knowledge.

Episode 3: Mac and Dirty Bill find a magical amulet that let's them swap bodies. Trevor mistakenly believes Gertie Kendrick is performing her death monologue.

Episode 4: Vance Trundle spends the day asking people if they've heard about "The Internet." Paul replaces Eric's cat for the fourth time.

Episode 5: Back on the Mainland, Dr. Brian Hoffman sneezes in the lab, destroys thirty-years of research. Julie tells her troubles to a seal.

Episode 6: Paul Soucey asks Harrison Shaw for his lawnmower back. Harrison declares it part of the "Restricted Zone."

Episode 7: Rachel Moody scares another visitor away with her "first time to Ragged Isle" pep talk. Trevor Stebbins hates doing laundry.

Episode 8: Everyone regrets it when Julie Katsarakis is named "Lobster of Ceremonies." An angry islander declares the ferry service "disrespectful" and moves to cancel both.

Episode 9: Colleen Drake refuses to let Gertie take "50 Shades of Gray" out of the library. Eric regrets telling Paul about his twin sister.

Episode 10: Sheriff Dalton enlists the help of Gordon to kill a rouge shark. Harrison Shaw recounts the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

Episode 11: Gus Hendershot spends all day trying to win KISS tickets. Julie learns a lesson in responsibility when Rose Fuller lets her keep an orphaned dolphin in the tub.

Episode 12: Disaster strikes when the Dock Boys are stranded on a nearby island. Everyone cringes when Bill keeps wanting to be called "Piggy."

Episode 13: A mysterious ghost ship prevents supplies from getting to the island. Gus won't play Marco Polo with Sebastian in the store anymore.

Episode 14: Eric Burke asks Julie out on a date same day that Madame Clelia gives him starfish earrings "for protection." Gordon and Dylan Strang hunt the most dangerous game.

Episode 15: The Dock Boys discover that the Sardine Plant isn't haunted at all! And Old Man Shaw would have gotten away with it too…

Episode 16: Things get crazy when vampires attack the Ragged Isle Halloween dance! Sebastian gets trapped inside his Iron Man costume.

Episode 17: Julie calls an emergency meeting to tell everyone how great they look today. Mac asks the Dock Boys: "You guys wanna go see a dead body?"

Episode 18: Vance catches sight of a white whale and goes mad trying to report on it. Colleen Drake's new protege (special guest LeVar Burton!) teaches a reluctant Paul how to read.

Episode 19: A series of practical jokes gets out of hand, leaving Louis and Dirty Bill gravely injured. Sheriff Dalton threatens to bring in a driven, young detective from the mainland.

Episode 20: Hilarity ensues when Paul and Eric show up to the wrong "meeting in the woods." Rose Fuller senses a presence she has not felt since...

Episode 21: A lobster shortage forces the Paul and Eric to start up a lemonade stand. The creatures of the forest help Julie fold her laundry.

Episode 22: Eric Burke contracts a rare singing disease just in time for Rose's annual Ragged Isle musical review! Gordon purposefully sprains his ankle.

Episode 23: A midnight boating accident kills two and sends shock waves through the island community. Special musical guest: Coldplay!