Monday, July 13, 2015

If you've been curious about what Karen, Greg and I have been up to since we wrapped on Ragged, wonder no more! I was invited to craft a short spooky film for the 2014 Damnlationland film series and luckily Karen and Greg were up for the task!  On a Country Road stars 3 former Ragged Isle cast members Kip Weeks, Christine Louise Marshall and Shawn Reardon. And if you're paying attention you'll hear Greg and Karen and myself in there too. Joining our cast is Sharon Smyth Lentz from the original gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. She was a big fan of Ragged Isle and we were overjoyed that she accepted the offer to star in their short movie. The film was shot in Gorham and Westbrook Maine over the course of a few nights last fall and I've just recently done one final edit on the film. This is the version you can rent or own right now on our page at VHX.  Check out the short teaser video below. I think if you enjoyed some of the scarier moments in Ragged Isle, this might be something you'd enjoy too. Thanks for your continued interest in our work.  <3>