Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you Barry for putting "The Project" on DVD!

Last night Barry and I watched my senior project at Ithaca College that Barry Directed, I AD'd and we co-wrote along with another friend 11 years ago. It is called "The Project" and it is a thrilling, funny, charming, and flawed romp with some ancient spirits. Aside from home movies this was our first big venture that we created during our partnership in film and life that stretches back to 1991. This film was so much fun to watch and it was ambitious for the time shot on 16mm, 22 minutes in length, and the most expensive project we have ever made. Watching this re-energized me. If we could make this at that time when I had 4 other courses besides my film class, he had a full-time job, and we were separated by several states without the true benefit of the internet, then we can do anything. So, I got a crapload done today and am ready to get this thing done. What I'm ready for, I guess, is to enjoy the process and stop freaking out.

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