Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Laptop, Etc.

Today I purchased a laptop to, among other things, get Ragged Isle organized and ready to go. Everything has been a bit scattered so with my new toy I will get this production working like a machine. Well, kind of. I have been working through the schedule today and will continue with that all weekend. It's looking good so far. I know this is a busy ass time to shoot this thing but it's also very pretty here in Maine this time of year thus the shoot.

Over the weekend I will be going over costumes and props in further detail and will contact individuals about that. Then on Sunday, Barry and I are going to Mackworth Island to check that out as a possibility. We have another location secured for that but still want to see if there is something else that may be even better. We are still on the lookout for a couple more locations and have to get our butts out to Peaks and Great Diamond.

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