Friday, July 9, 2010

The REAL Ragged Island

Years ago, when I was trying to find a name for the island where we would base our Soapnet video contest entry (another story for another blog post) I was looking on a map of Maine and happened to notice an island called Criehaven that I mistakenly thought was pronounced "Cry-Haven" instead of the proper "Cree-Haven." I thought "This is perfect! We're doing a dark dramatic soapy story and "Cry-Haven" just sounds perfect.

It wasn't until we were deep into shooting before anyone corrected us but by that point the pronunciation stuck and that's what we rolled with through two rounds and a number on local television interviews. Well, now we fast forward to present day and I once again wanted to travel back to the island but wanted to call the show something different. Something more in line with the tone and style I was hoping to bring this time around. Luckily Criehaven was know by another name. Ragged Island.

Since we were doing a fictional tale of what happens on the island I thought it fitting to abbreviate it slightly to Ragged Isle but, there it is. Right on the map. Criehaven/Ragged Island is a real place that you can find on a map. I like knowing that. I hope it only ads to the mystery and lure of the real island. Hopefully, when we're all done shooting, I can take some of our cast and crew out to Criehaven to see it for ourselves. Chances are pretty good that it could happen too. One of our talented actors, Suzanne Rankin is from the neighboring island of Matinicus. How cool is that?

How to get there

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