Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Selection of Late Night Ramblings

Barry and I are off to Bar Harbor all weekend for the Annual Family Camping Trip in Bar Harbor (my Mom and Step Father's back yard in tents.) It is the land of no signal so we'll try to stay connected but it'll be pretty tough. I am very excited about this trip, though and am hopeful that all of the physical activity and lovely views will inspire and awaken us. Will we bring the camera? There is a thought and I am having it at this moment. Maybe we will.

I have spent some time today ordering more things online and discussing hair and make-up with the people in charge of these things. Lucy is back on make-up. Anyone who worked on Criehaven has already had the pleasure of working with her. Grayling will be doing the hair and he is someone that Barry and I went to Belfast Area High School with so that is real cool.

I'm hoping to do some shopping and get some communicating done tomorrow before we leave. I should probably go to sleep now for that to happen.

I have all this poetry that I keep writing down and smartly erasing about how I feel right now. There's an abyss involved and other heady concepts but the main point of all of it is - I am confident. I am excited. I am ready.

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