Monday, July 19, 2010

Operation Red Beard

We went to see the Gorham Library where we will be shooting soon and got some good ideas about that scene and some others. There is a lot of traffic there, which sucks but the flowers are so pretty right now, which is nice. They have some Stargazer Lilies over there that are twice the size of ours. That area has the potential to lend some charm to the island.

We are still revising the scripts and hope to finish tomorrow. Finish? Not quite the word as things will change even on set but maybe settle is a better term. The script will be settled like an old, rambling farmhouse in Maine in the spring.

We are also revising the schedule due to conflicts and location stuff.

We will be handing out new scripts and new schedules at the read-though. It will be glorious and I can't wait. The read-through is going to be truly an amazing time.

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