Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our last random image for August

Bob Greeley and Kip Weeks play two new characters in Ragged Isle. Who they are and what their impact is will remain a mystery for now, but I can tell you how extremely lucky I feel to have them in our series.


  1. I see what you mean. Wow. You make big budget feature films look lamer and lamer every day. This belongs in a big, glossy RI picture book. Incredible.

  2. There's a combo of things going on in this shot that makes it so amazing. Captivating actors, spectacular location (thanks again April), perfect weather conditions, the brilliant eyes of Derek Kimball on camera, the camera itself and the tremendous camera assistant who brought it David C. Miller.

    I'd love to make a book someday, Rick. Maybe when it's all done we'll make one full of imagery from the entire series.