Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kicking Things Off With a KahBang

We're so excited to be screening the entire first season of "Ragged Isle" at the KahBang Music & Art Festival this Saturday at 1 p.m. at The Brick Church in Bangor.

A Q&A will follow, so if you have any burning questions, especially as we gear up to shoot our second and third seasons, this would be the time and place to ask them.

KahBang Festival founder Josh Whinery has some extremely kind words for us in the Portland Press Herald today:
Barry Dodd's webseries "Ragged Isle," this year's lone entry in the "MaineStream" category, points to KahBang's evolution.

"A number of festivals have cropped up for Maine talent, so we wanted to showcase the newest, freshest, most innovative thing on the scene this year," Whinery said.

"And 'Ragged Isle' -- what an effort by Barry. Look at the production value, creativity, cinematography -- he's a true indie artist.

"That's the plan for the future, to focus on the one big thing in Maine. We had some great Maine submissions, but 'Ragged Isle' really set itself apart."
All we can say is: Wow! (Read the whole article about the festival right here.)

We hope to see you this Saturday. It should be a blast to see every first-season episode back-to-back up on the big screen -- and in high-def to boot!

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