Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Wonders

Hello, hello. Tomorrow is the first day of principal photography for Seasons Two and Three of Ragged Isle. It is going to feel so good to get this going. For those of you that were with us last year you will notice that the camera setup is, well, much smaller (look left). It's a whole new deal that should really amp up the quality of picture and sound (not pictured). We are entering the next generation of HD SLR filmmaking. It should be pretty cool. No tapes and no digitizing. What?!

On another front we are scheduling, working on costume ideas / shopping, rewriting bits here and there, looking for some locations, and all of that sort of thing. We have made a number of fantastic inroads this week and are terribly excited about where this project is heading.

There will be e-mails to the cast and crew about all of this over the next few days. This is a complicated thing we are involved with that is composed of many moving parts like the Zipper. It's a really fun ride and it makes you really dizzy and sometimes, a little sick.


  1. I'm ready. Ready to tear this thing up and do my best!

  2. Best of luck to all of us tomorrow and for the next couple months as we all once again push the boulder up Mount Ragged. Looking forward to our on set clashes and creative problem solving, Karen. We make a great team. Let's do this! Anchors aweigh!