Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Beautiful Gift

So, today was a great lesson in shooting in the uncontrolled outdoors. We had boat noise in a plethora of sounds and distances, dogs barking, people talking and yelling, boats being hauled out, a CB blaring, the wonderful smell of fish, just people and boats everywhere, and potato salad with no silverware. Okay, so the last one was just me being forgetful. Still, I think I have shown that we had a day of challenges but not altogether unwelcome ones for me and the kind that you have to roll with because it is what is it. Sure, there was some impact on the sound and maybe things are here and gone in some shots but I would not have changed it for anything. It was fun in a way that had my continuity hat spinning and me sputtering but fun all at the same. I was in my element. There is nothing I would rather do than hang out on a smelly fishing dock and watch the action and I am not kidding. It was wonderful. A real Maine working waterfront that is this side of Ellsworth. It is a part of Maine that I do not see day-to-day as I did as a child but one that I miss dearly and was so glad to see in full swing today. It is a welcome part of Ragged Isle and we have April Joy Purinton, 2nd AD, to thank for this beautiful gift. Oh, did I mention the air show nearby?

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