Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I just turned in final drafts for "Ragged Isle" season two and season three, completing the story and the series. The writing is done, finally. Oh, there will probably be a tweak or two over the next few weeks, but we're pretty well locked down.

These episodes have gone through a significant revision process since we began. The first draft of the first season-two episode was completed in mid-February 2010, and since then, there have been dozens and dozens of drafts of all the episodes in season two, which eventually expanded and split into season two and season three.

While the spine of the story (and the ending) have remained constant throughout the process, adhering the vision cooked up by the original "hive mind" writers group -- Barry Dodd, Karen Dodd, Rick Dalton, Jacob Lear, and myself -- there have been enormous changes to individual episodes, scenes, characters, motivations, and plot reveals. I am so excited to share it all with you, but there is so much work to be done before that happens. Like for instance, all the shooting, scoring, and editing. You know, stuff like that.

It's exciting and strange to be done with this part of the process, after fiddling around with the writing for a year and a half. Now I'm now looking ahead to the acting, as I play a new character to be introduced next season. Excuse me while I throw up out of nervousness.

Stick around. We have lots of surprises in store. We'll see you on the island!


  1. Oh, HELL yeah! Greg, I know you know this, but you are The Man.

  2. Much love and respect to you Greg. Thanks for taking this project on and shepherding the ideas through the gate.

  3. Thank you, Greg. I had thought this impossible.