Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Okay. Schedules. I am deep into this process, which is a major one. I have 10 days tentatively scheduled and plan to start putting some dates out tomorrow night with general times and not specific call times, you'll see. There are also 3 or 4 other locations that will be pretty easy to place in here and there and a few hold outs that we are still working towards. We are doing our best to ensure that Barry and I will be the ones having the long days and not the actors. Not all will escape, though.

The scheduling process in an interesting one for me. It seems that when I first start all I want to do is stop and rip paper, although usually I just yell for stupid reasons for a few days at anyone near me. As the process continues and I sulk at my computer thinking how this was a horrible idea once and twice is madness, I look at my paperwork and realize that I have 4 locations scheduled with the scenes in proper order due to people's schedules.

That moment is something to be cherished and I have passed that portion of this journey and I look forward to our time together this summer / fall.

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