Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Okay. Progress. The scripts for Season Three have been sent out. Excellent.

I spent most of this very hot day working on my pre-production grids, of which I have many. They are nearing completion and that is a wonderful thing. Some more tweaking tomorrow and they will begin to serve their organizational purpose.

The multi -talented April Joy Purinton, who played Rachel Moody is Season One, will be helping out with the pre-production and production of Ragged Isle this year. I am very excited to have some much needed help with all the AD stuff. Her official title is 2nd AD but I call her a lifesaver.

Just as an aside: At last count there will be 40 actors and 18 locations involved with this project. This will be more of a challenge than last year but we are up for it... I think.

The picture is simply pure inspiration.

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  1. 40 actors, 18 locations all of this is no match for Karen, April and the rest of our teeny little super crew!