Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ahh! Oh, wait. That's fine.

I was somewhat enraged today when I learned that a location we shot at last year, as well as having many connections actors and otherwise to, was trying to make us jump through hoops and shell out a hefty amount of cash to use their venue. They were given a no thank you and I fumed for a bit as Barry tried to talk me down. I had told myself this very important reason why the scenes must be shot there and was very excited and set on that idea. When I learned that the scenes would not be shot there it was as though they stabbed my idea with a huge knife ripping a giant hole in the heart of the story. At the height of my rant Barry came up with a brilliant idea - another location. A location we have shot at before and have a very supportive contact at. Okay. I am slowly letting go of my reasons why it had to be the other place and embracing this new idea. Just roll with what comes. That is the secret of survival when making a web series.

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