Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thriller web series suggestions from the experts at Indie Intertube

Looking for some great suggestions for other web series in the "thriller" vein while you wait for Season two of Ragged Isle? The ladies of Indie Intertube did a show just for you! PLEASE watch as there are some amazing series out there to explore. Hosts Destini and Shad showed their support for our series by wearing Ragged Isle shirts for this episode! So cool! We even got mentioned and had the first 2 minutes of episode one shown at the end of the show. If you want to skip to our part it's at 0:57:00 and don't be thrown by the lip sync issue. They're still working out some kinks in their brand new video show. We are extremely honored to be mentioned by these two ambassadors of independent web entertainment. They've been following us from the very beginning and have exposed our series to a much larger world. Why not check out their show and comment to let em' know you appreciate their support for our series?

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