Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last night's premiere party was an absolute blast. I was lucky enough to have my mom and my wife with me, so they could finally see what I've been up to over the past year. (By the way, they loved it.)

The bands were great. It was so much fun to see a whole bunch of people I only know from "Ragged Isle" on stage in a completely new context. Doug Porter especially was a revelation: That guy can play a guitar! And I loved watching Barry be a rock star.

But on with the show: Barry's shown me a lot of footage over the past few months, but I had never seen Episode One start to finish. Wow. It's one thing to sit around a writers' table and break story points, and it's another thing to see the story laid out in a script, and it's yet another thing to watch the actors perform the lines on the set -- but it's a whole other universe to watch it once it's passed through Barry's magic hands. The music, the editing, even the credits -- the whole look of the show was amazing. Great job, Barry. You should be incredibly proud.

The crowd went fairly nuts over the episode, as well as the Season One teaser Barry put together -- which by the way, was also amazing (while giving away only the barest hint of the overall plot).

All in all, the night couldn't have gone better, with the exception of the very expensive speeding ticket I got driving home at 1:30 a.m. It turns out that driving 70 mph on the Turnpike in a 55 mph zone is... ill-advised.


  1. there was this one scene in the first episode, that while writing, kept bugging me. It felt awkward every time i read it - but after seeing episode one, and the final solution to this scene I was blown completely away. It was nuanced, well-acted, superbly shot and established character with the barest of dialogue.

    The scene? Vicki, newly arrived, is dropped off at Eric's as he and Paul back away - leaving Vicki staring into the truck's headlights.

  2. I LOVE that whole strand her at the empty house sequence. It's so cool I can't believe it. Welcome to your new life, sit here alone and think about it, we gotta go. So well acted. God, I love this cast.