Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Had to share this...

Got a nice email from a nice fan (we have to come up with a cool name for our fans) named Perry this evening.

"Can’t wait for the first episode. I invited a houseful and some party food and I'm hooking the laptop to the big screen TV."

Thanks Perry! Totally made my night. One request, turn your lights off and crank the sound!

How will you watch our first episode? Send us a picture! We'll put it up on the facebook page!

See you on the island,



  1. Ragg-addict (rag' ADD-ict) noun: 1. One who suffers from Raggediction. 2. Feverish fixation on mystery web series. 3. Member of the Ragg-Tagg Fleet.

  2. my cousin Toni created an event to invite people to watch