Friday, March 4, 2011

Premiere Party

Tomorrow night is the Ragged Isle Premiere Party and we are so ready. It is a night we have discussed and worked towards throughout the entire project. A celebration of Ragged Isle and of the vast and varied talents of the cast and crew. I have watched the first episode countless times in parts and pieces but to see the entire package as Barry has created it is something to behold. I am, at this moment, bugging him to watch it but he is exporting it for tomorrow so I cannot. It is a great piece of entertainment and one that I am so proud to be a part of. We will also show a sneak peak for the rest of the season that shows a great deal without revealing too much. It is beautiful.

We have done interviews with WMPG, The Village Soup in Belfast, and the Bar Harbor Times. We are setting up an interview with the Bangor Daily News next week and are working on other press items. It is all very exciting and nerve wracking and I would only do this for a project that I love this much. I hope we keep these press items coming and that we get more of you involved.


  1. Check out the new "Press" page on the Ragged Isle web site, compiling all the coverage so far. Let's keep the page growing!

  2. Looks good Greg! We've got more stories on the way.