Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The speculation has begun

We've only released one episode, but speculation about just what the heck is going on in "Ragged Isle" has already begun. The podcast "Indie Intertube" kicked things off last week with the following theory:

"Cthulhu lives in that frickin'... ocean around that isle! He just spawned inside that guy's head. I don't know!"

Hmmm. Interesting. And then my grandparents weighed in with an e-mail to me yesterday:

"Is there a Maine relative of 'Nessie' in those waters, or is the government working on a secret underwater robot?"

Those are two good theories, certainly. But what do you think? Sound off in the comments. And a new episode will be up tomorrow. Maybe it will reveal everything. Stay tuned!


  1. how did they guess? Secret government underwater robot Nessie!

  2. Is it too late to change the ending? I want it to be Cthulhu pretty bad!

  3. I'm leaning toward some alien creature or super intelligent infectious algae!! Both of which take over our bodies/minds AND eventually the world. egaddddsss!! Whatever it is...it freaks me out!

  4. Super Intelligent Infectious Algae. Now THAT'S a great band name. I'm loving the creativity.

  5. why so hyperbolic? How about Averagely Intelligent Mildly Contagious Algae? Outer space has "C" students too!