Monday, September 6, 2010

A Wake and A Phone Call

Tonight we shot the big wake scene of the season at our home, which has played several locations in Ragged Isle. I am happy to say that we are done shooting here and can now piece it back together again. Today was a day of challenges, creativity, hustle, and team work. We made it through and I think we have a fantastic scene on our hands. Thank you to the people who showed up to help with backgrounds and intrigue. Also, thanks to Greg and Derek for lending a hand in front and behind the lens.

We also shot a scene outside of a sneaky phone discussion in our overgrown nightmare of a lawn / haunted picnic table. There were a couple versions of the script for this scene but that all got sorted out quickly. Thanks, G!

It is really hitting me that we have shot a pretty good chunk of Ragged Isle. This seemed like an impossible dream this past winter and spring where we wrote a blue sky script and forgot to go back in and bring it down to Earth. I have cursed us for that many times these past couple of months but, at this moment, I wouldn't have had us make this any other way. There have been so many times that we have shot a huge scene that we have been stressing about for one reason or another and once over are smacked with the reality that all we can say is,"nice work, next." Then the process begins all over again. Thank you all for sticking with us and believing in this impossible dream.


  1. I keep counting off in my head as we shoot: Okay, we've got all of episode 6. That's all of 5. All of 8.

  2. Just think, we are shooting all of Episode 9 in one day.

  3. I know! That'll be a big day.