Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 60-Day, 10-Film Project

You may have heard of The 48 Hour Film Project, a multi-city filmmaking competition in which crews are asked to write, shoot, edit, and score a short film in just 48 hours.

The local Best Film winner this year was MINT Films' marvelously cheeky western, "A Bounty For Susannah," which stars "Ragged Isle" players Ian Carlsen, Erik Moody, and Meghan Benton.

Watching the short, it's amazing to contemplate what they accomplished in just 48 hours. It really is incredible.

But this week, I've also been thinking about what Barry and Karen accomplished in just two months.

Principal photography for the first season of "Ragged Isle" began on July 28 and wrapped up on September 26. In that time, Barry (with plenty of help from assistant director Karen) shot ten episodes -- basically ten separate short films, each with multiple characters, scenes, and locations, and with continuity concerns to contend with between each film.

Yes, the scripts were written before shooting began, and yes, Barry can edit the episodes at his leisure. But still, man, that's an amazing achievement. Way to go!


  1. Thanks man! It was a pretty ambitious goal that we set for ourselves. It wouldn't have gotten done without everyone being all in. Thankfully, they were.

  2. Considering that they had to coordinate 30 different work/availability schedules, it's nothing short of a miracle!