Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ragged Isle's Got Talent

So many times over the course of this summer's many "Ragged Isle" shoots, Barry or Karen (or both) said to me: "What were we thinking?", or sometimes: "What were you thinking?", and once even: "I want to poke you with a pencil!", all because of the ambitious, complicated, ridiculously elaborate scenarios we came up with at the script stage -- easy enough to write, but enormously difficult to execute.

But it was Barry and Karen who conceived of and wrote what is perhaps the most ambitious, most complicated episode of the season, the Ragged Isle talent show episode. And thank God they did, because today we got to watch the comedy stylings of See Bass, the magical prowess of Louis Gilbert, the dance chops of Paul and Eric, and the most romantic duet I've ever seen.

Wow, what an amazing day. What an amazing episode. Can't wait to see this cut together.


  1. What a day!! I never thought that this episode would come together as it did and that we would actually shoot it all in 8 hours. t was very intense but still so much fun. I love to watch all the great talent that is on this project. You are all amazing individuals and I have really enjoyed working with everyone. Episode 9 - done. Oh, the footage looks awesome X2 in case you were wondering. AWESOME! So shiny.

  2. This day was special and very important to me. Thanks to all whom I shared it with.

  3. Ragged Isle is the only thing in this world that matters.