Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rough Going

I headed down to Two Lights Park early, planning on getting there well before the actors to help with set-up. But a mis-read Mapquest direction sent me right instead of left a few miles from the park, and then when I stopped at a roadside vegetable stand to get my bearings, my car refused to start up again.

So, I called Barry, who was still reeling from problems of his own. A ranger had told Barry and Karen upon their arrival that they didn't have the proper permits to shoot at the park. After a full-blown (and fully warranted) panic set in, the ranger returned with a waiver for Karen to sign, absolving the park of any responsibility if anybody was hurt during the shoot.

Barry dispatched Torrey to come get me. I told him I was just down the street from the park at 82 Spurwink Road. What I neglected to tell him was that I was in Scarborough, not Cape Elizabeth. So Torrey's GPS guided him to a place where I was not. And by the time Torrey arrived, my car had mysteriously healed itself, starting up fine and continuing to run without a hitch for the rest of the day.

All of which is to say that there was plenty of tension in the air before the shoot even started.

However, Barry and Karen's ceaseless professionalism, combined with the good humor and enthusiasm of the cast (including all our fabulous extras), carried the day.

Hey, Barry: We just shot the lobster festival scene.


  1. What's happening?! - That was my state today. Done and done.