Sunday, August 29, 2010

I had a total blast at the town meeting shoot. I never want these shoots to end when they're happening. My good friend Mark Lennon, who originally just wanted a chance to see some of the show being filmed, and who was already completely psyched to get a chance to be an extra, was absolutely THRILLED to get a speaking part today. On the way home he was so excited, saying "I'm IN Ragged Isle! I'm Gordon!" Mark's son Sam also thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I've got four (count em, four) scenes coming up this Wednesday the 1st. To that I say "Yay!" I can't wait. Barry's joy, enthusiasm, and professionalism is only matched by how he brings out the same in everyone who works with him. He makes directing look effortless, and gives his actors enormous freedom and support. The sets have been the reflection of the director, and everyone is compelled to give it their absolute best. Barry hates to have attention drawn to himself, so in a way, I'm his nightmare.

This VERY SPECIAL webisode has been such a thrill since the very beginning of it's creation process. In my imagination, I'm already seeing myself at the Season One advance viewing and wrap party this Winter in Barry's home theater. We will all be the happiest people, I don't know, EVER!?

Sheriff Rick Dalton


  1. Thanks for the kind words Sheriff. Everyone was great! I'm just getting extremely lucky.

  2. Mark ruled as Gordon and we hope he can make it to some other shoots.