Friday, August 20, 2010

Early Buzz

I was wearing my "Ragged Isle" t-shirt today (order yours now!), and the guy working at the rest stop said to me: "Ragged Isle. What's that?"

"It's a mystery-suspense web series," I told him, "set on an island off the coast of Maine."

"Oh yeah," he said, nodding knowingly. "I think I've seen it." Then he turned to deal with a customer, and I thought I'd just let it go. But when he was done, he turned back to me: "It's all one story, right? And each episode tells you a little bit more about the mystery."

"Well, yeah," I conceded, "but it hasn't aired yet. It's still filming."

He frowned. "When does it come out?"

"This winter. Maybe January."

I think at this point he might have been feeling embarrassed that he'd claimed to have seen it. A little sullen, he said, "And the anticipation is so great, people are already wearing t-shirts for it?"

"Absolutely," I assured him. "People can't wait."

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  1. Damn straight, G! Good to see you rockin' the island threads.