Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barry says I should blog, and I do what Barry says. Acting in Ragged Isle is the ultimate thing to look forward to. Waiting to see the finished product is the ultimate torture. Knowing what happens in Season Two, and keeping it a secret, is excruciating. Seeing the stills from the latest shoot get posted is like coming home to a basket full of money and prizes. Seeing Barry film it, and seeing Barry and Karen make it, is a delicious mixture of pride and envy, because they're so damn good at it. Want a piece of advice? If you're not involved with Ragged Isle, GET involved with Ragged Isle. Ask to be an extra, donate some bottled water for the actors, make a small $ donation and get some cool stuff! Believe me this one thing: If you let this opportunity slip by, when this comes out, you're gonna think back to this moment and say "Oh man, I should have shot them an email, I could have been IN this thing, or INVOLVED with this thing; why don't I have a cool DVD of this?"

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