Monday, July 2, 2012

Actor Spotlight: Greg Tulonen, Dr. Brian Hoffman

Greg Tulonen as Dr. Brian Hoffman
If we were to look you up on a dating profile, what would your bio read?

I'm hilarious but I will take you seriously.  I'm spontaneous but I won't flake out.  Above all, I'm loyal and faithful, which comes in handy in my marriage, in its second decade now and still going strong.  (Damn, why am I posting a dating profile?)

Tell us about your character in this season (in this same format)

Dr. Hoffman is curious and adventurous.  He's open to new ideas but skeptical of fakes and phonies.  He may seem a little odd, but if you get to know him, you'll realize that he's actually extremely odd.  No boats.

How did watching season one impact your performance in season two?

Well, my character wasn't in season one, but I spent the season watching a whole bunch of terrific actors doing their thing, and I got more and more intimidated as the season went on.  Luckily, Barry is a kind and generous director who keeps things low-key and could probably pull a decent performance out of a freshly milked cow.

What projects are you currently working on or have you been working on since Ragged Isle wrapped shooting?

Um, I'm kind of unemployed right now.  I've been working here and there as a freelance writer for various outfits, but I'm really looking for a full-time job.  So, please:  If anyone out there is hiring, think about this guy.  [points to self with thumbs]

What is your favorite behind the scenes moment during the production of Ragged Isle?

In season one, we were lucky enough to get some incredibly talented actors to cameo in small, non-speaking parts, with the promise that their characters would have more to do in the next season.  One of those actors, Suzanne Rankin, can be seen at the town meeting in episode four.  I assured her that she would get some cool stuff to do next summer.  She was excited about the project and trusted us completely, despite not seeing a script for season two.  We shot Ms. Rankin's second-season scenes in the fall, on the very last day of principal photography for the series.  I had been waiting for more than a year to see her strut her stuff, and she did not disappoint.  Her scenes, as author Gertie Kendrick, are among my favorites, and she's absolutely phenomenal in them.  It was such a joy to watch those scenes be shot.  I'm so grateful to her for placing her faith in us by showing up last year, and for rewarding our faith in her by delivering a powerhouse performance.  I can't wait for people to see it.

What is your favorite thing about your character?

I have a pretty definitive answer to that question, but I can't tell you, as it would be a spoiler.

What do you and your character have in common? 

We have very similar beards.

What do you and your character have least in common?

I actually like the water.  Dr. Hoffman decidedly does not.

If you could play any other character on Ragged Isle who would it be and why?

A judge at the talent show, because I actually did, for about two seconds there.

We’re not sure who survives the second and third seasons of Ragged Isle... any last words just in case your character doesn’t make it?

Please transport my body via helicopter.  I really don't like boats.


  1. Great job Greg!!! I love your "last words", really enjoying your character in this season!

    1. Thanks, Amie. I can't honestly say I "enjoyed" the acting part while it was happening, but I'm completely thrilled to have done it and to see the results.