Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sounds good!

My first attempt at ADR went surprisingly well. There was one scene (I won't mention which one, don't want people looking for it) that needed major audio revision so I, not knowing anything about how to do it, had a couple actors come over and I played their lines over and over until they got comfortable with the rhythm and then we recorded them in Garageband. I had my fingers crossed until today when I had a chance to drop them into the scene. Wouldn't you know it, with little tweaking, it works. Phew!

Maybe we'll try a Ragged Isle spaghetti western next!

Also, on the sound front, I am blessed with an over abundance of great music submitted from varied local musicians. Some directly associated with the series, and some local friends of the crew. Folks outside of production who have contributed are Todd Dadaleares, and Abram Grivois (vik44) and Richard DeCosta.

The soundtrack for this series will be quite the sonic experience. You'll have to wait for the season to end before the album will be released though because there is key surprise music that will be included. Songs that will play a key role later in the season. It will be a good thing to look forward to though. Worth the wait to be sure! In the meantime if you're curious about some of the music in our show, you might want to come check out our Ragged Isle Premiere Party on March 5th. Plenty of Ragged music will be experienced that night live and in person.

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