Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ain't no party like a Ragged Isle party

Spread the word! Our premiere party has had to have its date changed due to scheduling conflicts. We've been allowed to move it to the following Saturday, March 5th. Planning is still in the works on how the nights festivities will unfold but it's safe to say, there will be great music and lots of fun. We'll have a very special numbered limited edition poster print available at the event created by Ragged Isle writer and prop builder Jacob Lear. Very cool. T-shirts will be available for purchase as well. Lots of actors will be on hand to meet and shake a hand and take a picture with. Don't even try to get them to spill the Ragged Isle secret as they have already been sworn to secrecy! Although if you buy Sheriff Dalton a drink who knows what that man will say. In the weeks to come, we will reveal more information on our party. Again, let everyone know. Bring a friend. All proceeds will go towards producing our second season of Ragged Isle. I hope to see you there!


  1. I think the only prop I actually built was small and cylindrical. I made some art-sy stuff that went onto props, and some others that just hung around.

  2. There's a pretty big sign outside Madame Clelias that you had quite a hand in.

  3. Perhaps I can credit you as Artsy stuff guy?