Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ragged Sounds

The editing of Ragged Isle is coming along quite nicely. The story and the flow of the piece is really feeling good. Much more epic than I think folks usually expect with a web series. It will be interesting to get the audience reaction to some of this stuff. Definitely outside the norm. Help in part will be coming from the fantastic music that we will be showcasing. Original tracks from local artists Selbyville, Robber & Thief, Richard DeCosta, The Lucid, Vik44, The Lodge and others are adding immensely to the ambience of the series. We'll be releasing a soundtrack for Ragged Isle once the last episode goes live. It will also be included in some of our donor packages. So much talent around here. I'm proud to be able to have a hand in showcasing a small sample of it in Ragged Isle.

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