Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ragged Isle's first real press!

I had the pleasure to speak with Portland Press Herald columnist Dennis Perkins today for a bit about our little web series. He had seen our trailer and wanted to do a story about it to get the early word out there. Cool huh? I thought so. I was very VERY nervous to say the least. He was gentle though and I thank him so much for showing an interest this early on. I hope I represented us well. Honestly, I don't know if I said anything of any use but I did talk. I do remember talking. It was at least enough that he said he'd like to do a follow up interview when we are ready to unleash the beast. I know what you're thinking, when is it coming out in the paper? It was such a blur I can't recall when he said. No worries though. I've got an email in to him and when he reminds me, I'll update the blog accordingly.


  1. Remembering to talk is half of an interview, at least!

  2. this has the potential to be a press juggernaut. We should (if we haven't) start a draft of a press release, so when the time comes we can get as much press as possible. First Portland, then Maine, then THE WORLD!

  3. Everything Jake just said!! A press release is extremely important. Perhaps we could construct it like we did the episodes of Ragged Isle, where it gets written, and then revised by all of us for maximum punch. And Barry, once these interested news parties get to see that not only is it locally made, but also DOESN'T suck, they're truly gonna fill their Huggies. Mark my words.