Friday, December 3, 2010

The edit goes on...

So, how have you been? Great! Me? Well, I guess I can't complain. Been putting lots of my free time into the Ragged Isle edit. I've got a rough cut of the first 8 of 10 episodes in season one done. I'm making some sense of the 10th episode which is our season finale. After that's done, I'll be going back and tackling the 9th episode. When you see it all, hopefully you'll understand why that one has to be edited last. It's like our season really has two finale's. Two VERY different finale's. I've also had a chance to show some of the actors and crew a few scenes and have been very delighted with their responses. Even at this early stage, I can tell it's working and that feels good. It helps fuel me to finish this thing. Can't wait to get started on writing music. Maybe in a week or so...



  1. Barry, the stuff I've seen has been top-notch. Can't wait for you to unleash it on the world!

  2. Deputy Dan's hunger. Such a huge favorite moment of mine. So many favorite moments, though. Visually, it's so RICH. So well shot. And there's so much rampant talent. We've already won. It's gonna be everyone's favorite.