Sunday, May 13, 2012


The Ragged Isle season two premiere party, held Friday night, was absolutely amazing.  I'm still flying.

I can't do the night justice with a straightforward description, so I'll just offer some random observations:

1) Our actors are so talented and so gracious and so kind.  So many of them thanked me for their characters, and for the chance to be a part of "Ragged Isle."  None of them seemed to realize that I should be the one thanking them.  Like, on-my-knees thanking them.

2) The Maine web series "Haunt ME," "No Refund for Content," and "Vacationlanders" all showcased awesome teaser trailers.  It's so unbelievably cool to be a part of a growing and thriving web series community in Maine.

3) Why isn't Doug Porter world famous?

4) Everybody loved my tie, which is one of a kind.  (Photos, left and below, courtesy of The Amazing Bobbie Lindsey.)

5) Barry has a heart the size of Texas, and he wears it on his sleeve.

6) Rick Dalton knocked his "Over the Rainbow"/"What a Wonderful World" mashup out of the park.

7) Barry and Karen started to dance.  The dance floor cleared and the whole place went bananas.

8) Jacob Lear's poster and t-shirt designs are out of this world.

9) Amie E. Marzen is the host with the most.

10) Oh yeah, the episode:  So, so, so, so, so good.  We're on a whole new level this season.

11) I can't wait for May 30, when we can share this episode with the rest of the world.

12) I can't wait for June 6, when I get to see the NEXT new episode.


  1. That tie is just about the coolest thing ever.

  2. The leap in passion, attention, and interest that I felt at this, the second Ragged Isle premiere party, leads me to believe that the third one will involve city wide riots and people being knighted.