Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Coming Isle...

Snapshot taken during a Ragged Isle shoot of some particularly terrifying scenes.

So, in four short days Ragged Isle Season Two gets launched onto the suspecting but unprepared world. For those of you who were at Geno's on May 11th, you got your sneak peek at Season Two, Episode 1 (A.K.A. Episode 11) at the premiere party. For everyone not in the room that night, the wait is almost over as it hits the web this Wednesday. The rest of the world has been waiting I don't know how long, maybe forever. In four days Ragged Isle Season Two gets unleashed for all the waiting loyal fans, and for all the new and recent friends of the Isle.

People keep coming up to me saying that they finally watched Season One all the the way through, all ten episodes for the first time. What kept ya? Lots of different reasons. They're the lucky ones, as I call them, with their short-ass wait for more Ragged. Many of us, including most of the cast and crew, have been waiting an eternity for more.

What do I mean? Barry keeps his secrets. Don't I have the script? Sure, but I won't look at it so the episodes are a surprise when I watch them. Don't I remember the events in the script? Sure I do, but not every happening in every episode in chronological order off the top of my head. Wasn't I there when it was being filmed? Sure, but Season Two has a zillion locations and new characters, and Barry doesn't want your ass hanging around for shoots of scenes you're not in, unless you have a boom mike in your hand. You take running sound off his list of things to do at the same time, and you can spy all you want. So, exciting scenes are coming, and not all us "inside guys" know what they look like, so we're waiting too, my friends.

So exciting. I've seen S-2 Ep-1 already, but I get to have the fun of sending the link everywhere, to everyone, in four days. THEN, a week later, S-2 Ep-2 comes out, and I get to bask in it! I know nothing about it, and won't go near the script. So awesome as a total surprise. Yes, after it starts, I'll likely remember some parts, but I'm telling you, Barry doesn't make a habit of showing everybody dailies, so for me, the coming viewing experiences will be delightfully fresh, and impacting, with it's spot-on editing, and music, and how it's so lovingly assembled.

Principal photography for Seasons Two and Three wrapped last September, and it kills me how many people since then have approached me, and the Dodds, saying that they want to be in the show! The most truthful answer would be "That's impossible, it was essentially all filmed long ago", but The Dodds always find a more encouraging response. I just always say, "Well…ask Barry, he always loves to talk to interested parties".

Four short days until the world sees me Sheriff-ing again. Or doing something deeper than Sheriff-ing. Four short days until the whole world gets to visit the Island again; gets to breath the air, hear the sounds, see the people and wonder, can I trust that person? Can I like that person and get to hold onto them? Can I walk down by the water, or take that path to the house, without watching over my shoulder? Can the Sheriff protect me? Does he know something he's not telling us? Can anyone really save us? Can a person fall in love on the Island and not lose it all?

You're going to have to wait to find out, but not very long. Just a few days...

Till then,
Your faithful Sheriff and island protector,
Rick Dalton


  1. I love it when you blog about Ragged Isle

  2. I can't wait for the world to see what you're capable of as an actor. Season one was just scratching the surface, folks! Thanks for this blog entry. It's awesome.