Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Love Soaps

We were so very excited to learn that Ragged Isle has been nominated for 7 We Love Soaps Indie Soap Awards. You can check out the full list here.

Okay. Maybe not everyone sees Ragged Isle as a soap and it is not in the traditional sense of the word but neither are a few of the other series nominated this year. Ragged Isle does, though, have a soapy element that goes back to its original birth as the SoapNet - Soap U contest project, Criehaven. Now, we have dialed back the overt soapiness in Ragged Isle but it is there and we embrace it. It's there is in the poetic opening monologues, the long held looks, and the drama of love and serialized mystery.

We have made no secret that Dark Shadows, a sixties Gothic Soap Opera has been our main source of inspiration. I have said this countless times - there would be no Ragged Isle without Dark Shadows. Every time Barry and I would watch an episode of Dark Shadows we would be inspired to start a project and Barry kept going back to Criehaven. After enough Dark Shadows episodes I began to believe that we should make this happen.

My point is this, Ragged Isle owes its very existence to soaps and we are so proud to be nominated for these Indie Soap Awards by the soap community, which has been very supportive and accepting of us. Thank you, We Love Soaps.


  1. Well put hon. I love all that is soapy about season one of Ragged Isle. It's intentional and important to the atmosphere we intended to deliver. I'm so very happy that people picked up on and have enjoyed the combination of Supernatural and Soap in our series.