Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ragged Isle Mini-Reunion

Last night, I attended a very cool double-feature of short films directed by the supremely talented (sometime "Ragged Isle" cinematographer) Derek Kimball. Those in attendance included "Ragged Isle" director Barry Dodd, "Ragged Isle" actors Rick Dalton, April Purinton, Erik Moody, Meghan Benton, and Michael Dix Thomas, and two-time "Ragged Isle" extra Torrey Ham.

Seeing all these folks in one place made me realize how much I missed this summer's weekly-plus "Ragged Isle" shoots, and how much I appreciate being even a small part of a vibrant and creative local arts community.

Plus, yesterday I got to see a rough cut of that teaser trailer Barry has promised, so I'm really feeling the "Ragged Isle" love today.

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