Sunday, October 24, 2010

The new teaser trailer will be unveiled tomorrow! (With a twist)

I've secured something rather special and unexpected for our new teaser. Friend of Ragged Isle, Tristan Gallagher shows cult movies every Monday night in Portland and he was kind enough to let us premier our trailer before the showing of Dark and Stormy Night tomorrow. This will be extra special because it's being shown at Geno's Rock Club where we actually shot one of our episodes. I believe there is still a flyer hanging up in there for Lobster days! So, I'm sorry to say that if you can't make it Monday night, you'll have to wait until shortly after to see this first true glimpse at the production. For those of you brave enough to make the journey, it'll be worth it! The feature is produced by the same troupe that made Lost Skeleton of Cadavra which is one of my all time favorite comedies. Plus, Robert Deveau one of the stars of the film will be on hand. Maybe some of the Ragged Isle stars will be on hand tomorrow too! One can only hope. Karen and I will be there. Stop by and say hello. We'll be the ones in the Ragged Isle shirts. Which just happen to have been silkscreened by Tristan Gallagher as well!

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