Saturday, August 18, 2012

Actor Spotlight: Krystal Kenville, Emma Dobson

Krystal Kenville as Emma Dobson
If we were to look you up on a dating profile, what would your bio read?

The girl your mother warned you about.

I'm not opinionated, just always right.

Hot movie chick seeks Rich movie producer.

Tell us about you character in this season (in this same format).

Lovely girl falls in love with lovely boy.

Unaware of the dangers that await her.

Secrets of her own that she will never hold.

How did watching season one impact your performance in season two?

Well, I didn't have to do a much better job in season two as I was only a picture in season one...  hehehe, However, seeing how amazing this project has turned out I wanted to make sure to give it my best to keep up with the high standard.

What projects are you currently working on or have you been working on since Ragged Isle wrapped shooting?

Well, my biggest project since filming was/is my 7-week-old little girl.  In March, I worked on a show for the Discovery Channel, and at the moment I am promoting a new film.

What is your favorite behind-the-scenes moment during the production of Ragged Isle?

When Barry told me I had a "Big Head" physically....  Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell the other one as it would give away Season 3.  (Next time.)

What is your favorite thing about your character?

Pfft, that she get to kiss [Name removed by editor.  Sorry! Spoiler alert!]  HELLO! ;)   And again, I cannot say more as I would give to much away.  Dang it!

What do you and your character have in common?

Looks, clearly, and that sexy fashion sense!

What do you and your character have least in common?

Emma is demure, innocent, sweet, naive.

Krystal is sarcastic, social, with a side of crazy.

If you could play any other character on Ragged Isle who would it be and why?

Honestly, as much as I adore all of the characters here on the island, I wouldn't have ever chosen one over Emma.  She get's to play in the ______ as a ______!

We’re not sure who survives the second and third seasons of Ragged Isle... any last words just in case your character doesn’t make it?

I don't really like water guys......  guys?

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