Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi there Ragged Isle blog followers,

Julie Kats-kar-kakis, Cadillackiss, Katsinabasket, Katsarakis, or you know, Amie... here to chat up episode 12... an episode I've been DYING to talk about... wait, wrong word choice, don't want Barry getting the idea of killing my character.... um... really looking forward to talking about for awhile now, but you know, couldn't due to the whole Ragged Isle secrecy pact.  Before you read the blog below, please watch the episode as I have some spoilers in here and things that just plumb wouldn't make sense if you didn't watch it.

Anyhoo, episode 12 is a really exciting one for Julie's character.  This was a shoot I was looking forward to and talked with Barry about quite a bit.  In season one Julie comes in and out in little bits and it's really exciting that audiences are getting to see her a bit more and learn more about her... and of course her not-so-secret favorite... Deputy Dan. <3  In season one, Barry mentioned that Julie had a past, he didn't say what exactly. ... but geesh, what a rap sheet!  In talking with Barry and developing Julie's character a bit more, it seemed to me that Julie would be CRUSHED to have Dan find out about her past that she's been trying so hard to leave behind.  He is, after all, part of that new perfect image she's been building.  So Barry was cool enough to add a little extra moment where Julie sees Dan through the window and can't quite look him in the eye. I really love this moment for the two and the look that Dan (Erik Moody) gives Julie through the glass literally makes me "aww" out loud each time. Will Dan still love Julie if she's flawed... and worse yet, a former convict? He is the epitome of by-the-book local law after all!

This scene was shot at the Gorham Public Library just before it opened one morning, so we were on a pretty tight schedule to keep things moving.  There were quite a few scenes to get through in a short window.  And that morning as we arrived on set Karen and Barry made the decision that the lines in the lobby area where Dan and Julie are waiting for her to be called should all be flip flopped.  So every line Julie was supposed to say was now Dan's and vice versa, and then it flipped back when Dan asked about Rose. Originally it was Dan comforting Julie who was worried about being interrogated, instead we get to see a softer side of Dan and his concern for his gal and Julie's brave front prevails... until the all-too-familiar interrogation room reminds her of her less behaved days and her perfect persona gets smashed to bits with one small manilla folder full of secrets.  I like the last minute flip flop, what do you think?

One of my favorite parts of this episode is when agent Ben Row comes out to call Julie in.  Literally there could have been five minutes of bloopers, ad libbing and improvisation here with Julie's awesome last name.  (One day I will search out the real Katsarakises that inspired Greg to name Julie and hopefully get a t-shirt from their family reunion. I'll have to add that to my bucket list.) But Ben's subtle "uh huh", also makes me choke and laugh each time I see it, such a little moment, but so fun.

Agent Thorne, played beautifully by Kathryn Perry, is super scary and intense.  I'm pretty sure her piercing eyes have X-ray vision.  She's scary without seeming over the top, kind of when you're a kid and you're scared of a teacher or parent because of "the look" they can give- Thorne's got that down.  We did the interrogation scene a few times a couple of different ways, which was really a fun acting challenge. I could have done that all day and probably tried to make that happen.  Barry had us do a: happy "alls well/ keep up the front" Julie, scared Julie, prison Julie, angry Julie, and lastly, a crying Julie.  Prison Julie was probably my favorite- I'm dying to play a REAL badass I guess and it's so NOT what you'd expect for the over-perky bubbly overachiever we've seen of Julie so far.  It's not what she'd like Dan to see, certainly.  I really am glad that we didn't rush this scene and that Barry let me try a few different ways to act it out, it was fun.   Thanks B.

A funny bit about "crying Julie".  Ok, so to prep I took a few minutes and put some headphones on and listened to some songs that ALWAYS, without fail, make me cry.  I'm sure everyone has a few songs like that, right? Anyway, so I'm listening and trying to become sad, which is tough on the Ragged Isle set because generally there's a lot of fun and kidding around and keeping things light.  I was just about ready to go and went to the bathroom to go splash some water on my face and really lock in on the sad.  I crossed the library, knocked. on. the. door -  and went in.... and totally walked in on some postal worker, um... going to the bathroom.  Yup.  There goes my sad place, flushed down the toilet with... ok you get the idea.  Anyway, so I bolted into the other bathroom, (after knocking extra excessively and hard, cracking the door and half peeking to MAKE SURE this one was vacant) and then completely lost it.

Dear Mr. Postal Worker Guy who delivers to the Gorham Libary,

I'm really sorry about bothering you at such a delicate time. I really am.  Please know I wasn't laughing at you, I was embarrassed and it was awkward and please, please please, lock the door next time... or at least when someone knocks say SOMETHING. Anything! It doesn't have to be funny or clever or even a word... just give people a heads up that the bathroom is occupado and we'll leave you alone, ok?  I'm really, realllllllllllly sorry and will never be able to un-see or forget you.

Truly sorry,
Julie Katsarakis

So yeah, I didn't get crying Julie to where I wanted at that exact moment.... and had to take a few more moments to try to get that one done, but it came out well in the editing and I am really proud of the whole rollercoaster episode, including the saucy moments with Ian and Meghan or Paul and Vicki (Paulki).  Ow ow! As Ian puts it, episode 12 has 100% more kissing! Haha.... and shh, I'll let you know a little secret.... there is more kissing by the time Ragged Isle ends.... but I'm not saying who! Maybe it's a whole kiss fest and we all kiss... this is a soap opera!...  I'm not sure, we'll all have to watch and see.

Hope you enjoyed the episode! Thanks for your support!


  1. Amie, you were so awesome in this episode, and one of the many joys I've experienced regarding "Ragged Isle" has been your delightful, ultra-perky interpretation of Julie, knowing (as you did, to a certain extent) that Julie had a dark past hidden beneath her cheery facade. Just... wow.

    I first came across the name Katsarakis in 1989, when I picked it literally at random out of a Vermont phone book when I needed a character name for a story I was writing. The funny thing about that story was that everyone who read it commented on how much they LOVED that character, and loved his name. Since then, "Katsarakis" has been kind of a good-luck charm, and I've used that name in various other projects.

    According to the internet, George Katsarakis is still around, living in Burlington, Vermont. I'm sure he has no idea the legacy his name has inspired.

  2. Thank you, by the way, for writing this blog entry. It was hilarious and awesome, just like you.

  3. Oh Greg, you're incredibly sweet, thank you. And thank you for giving Julie the awesome last name, it's awesome. We should totally reach out to George Katsarakis I'm sure he can provide some insight on where it all went wrong for poor Julie and why she was shipped away to Ragged Isle to try again. ;)

  4. Great blog, Amie! And you totally inspired me to cast you as a frightening bad guy someday.

  5. Welcome to the blog Amie! Great post!! Looking forward to more insights as the series moves forward.