Monday, November 28, 2011

Mixed Emotions

On December 30, 2009, my friend and colleague Barry Dodd came into my office and asked me: "What are some strange things that can happen on an island?"

That question began a project that has consumed most of my creative energy for the past two years. Last night, we finished principal photography on seasons two and three of "Ragged Isle," which will complete the series, and the story we set out to tell.

I have mixed emotions.

First of all, I'm thrilled that we finished what we started. That never would have happened without the dynamic duo of Barry and Karen Dodd, who have kept the project afloat when folks of lesser mettle would have abandoned ship long ago. I am grateful to them for asking me to take part in "Ragged Isle," and for trusting me with so much of the writing. (Barry now has the enviable or unenviable -- depending on how you look at it -- task of sifting through all the footage we shot this year and crafting 12 episodes out of them.)

I'm also so grateful to the actors, all of whom brought their A game to the project. I'll share one story about one particular actor, though there are just as many equally powerful stories that could be told about any of our actors.

Last year, we asked Suzanne Rankin to accept a part on "Ragged Isle." For Season One, we needed her for two scenes, both in the background, and neither with any lines. We asked her to trust that we had something special in mind for her next year, and she did. She made the trek from her home on Matinicus all the way to Gorham to stand in the woods with four other actors, and then, later that same day, sit in a town meeting hall in Bath. She did both with charm and grace and told us she'd see us next summer.

Well, shooting actually lingered on past the summer this year, but yesterday, we shot Suzanne's Season Two/Three scenes, and she was wonderful. She completely nailed it, and I think they will be some of the most powerful scenes of the series. I'm so glad she gave us such faith.

(Again, all of our actors gave us enormous faith, and I'm grateful to and amazed by them all. Suzanne's story is just one of dozens I could share.)

I made great friendships on the sets of "Ragged Isle," and strengthened the friendships I had already. I feel blessed to be a part of such a creative and talented community of artists.

(okay, here comes the "but"; the title of this post is "Mixed Emotions," after all)


I feel deeply sorry that I no longer have a reason to see all these wonderful people on a regular basis. I will miss them all.

Still, the best is yet to come. We still have two seasons of story to tell, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.


  1. Greg, you are a inspiring talent and it has been an honor to work alongside you. Thanks for all you have done to help make this dream come true.

  2. I'm so glad to have met you Greg, and everyone, through this project. You're a fantastic writer and really great guy. I'm sure we'll cross paths again.

    Now, what kind of crazy things can happen on a plane? What? Snakes? I think they already did that...