Saturday, April 9, 2011

Episode Five Point Five?

Karen, Rick, Erik and I were out on Peaks island shooting Deputy Dan's arrival to the island. We were supposed to take an early ferry back but decided we were having too much fun and chose to take a later one so we could ride our bikes around the island and get some extra footage of Dan and the Sheriff investigating. It never quite cut into the story the way I had intended but I was really pleased with the way some of the shots came out and wanted to make sure we used them for something. It seemed like making a music video might be a good idea. I have so many wonderful songs to pull from for this season and this one by Robber and Thief seemed perfect. For those that don't know, Robber and Thief is a band including two of our fabulous cast Erik Moody (Deputy Dan) and Ian Carlsen (Paul Soucey.)

I am pleased to give to Ragged Isle episode 5.5 "Terrapin."

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