Saturday, February 19, 2011

300th facebook fan!

Thanks to Terry Gwazdosky for becoming our 300th fan on facebook! I still remember having my fingers crossed that we'd get 100 folks to "like" us before the series started. The fact that we have 300 and not one episode has even been seen yet is very encouraging! Thank you for your support!

Wanna celebrate? Got some photo editing skills? Feeling creative? Not sure if this will work or not but we'd love to see your best use of Leonidas from 300 on one of our many images available on the blog. Search around, find something that would be cool, and go nuts. When you're done, please share it on our facebook wall. Just to sweeten the deal, anyone who takes the time to post an image before the end of the weekend (keep it clean) will be added to our "Special Thanks" credit at the end of Ragged Isle's premiere episode!

Thanks for all your support!


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