Friday, April 30, 2010

Before casting and filming begins...

It's so thrilling because it's all imagination at this point. I can guess how it's going to look, flow, and grow right now, but how it actually ends up is yet to be seen. If I was at the helm, I would already know how it's going to turn out because I know my style and approach, kind of wrecking the surprise, but this is Barry's vision, and he's the only one I would trust with a project of this power and magnitude. Being on the inside, I know a lot of secret information about this endeavor, and all I can say is, for the future viewer who will get to see this all unfold anew, boy are you freakin lucky... Looking back on what's been accomplished so far, I'd like to say the our regular conceptual meetings were absolutely soul-enriching, powerful, challenging, and truly liberating. Some of the finest, most creative moments of my life. Hard work put in by all. The truest example of prowess from the hive mind. Artistically, this is the most grown up thing I've ever been involved in. It is my intention to put the best of my abilities and ideas into it, because it's the least that it deserves. I believe in this project whole heartedly, and I believe that it will prove itself to the extreme. Barry Dodd is the director, and I am a deliriously proud, card-carrying, lifetime member of The Dodd Squad.

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  1. Wow, I just read my post: Me..My..Me..Me..ME. How telling. I don't even notice when I'm doing it. "I GUESS I will ALLOW Barry's little production, once "I" figure out how it affects ME" Now "I" must go be super important with MY STYLE somewhere.